Our Services

Let us do the shopping for you. We can place Insurance with about 80 different companies. Listed below are a few of the companies that we carry. We can truly find you the rate and company that fits the best for your home, auto, RV, motorcycle or any other Personal insurance needs you may have.

Business Insurance Including Farm/Ranch – When it come to Business insurance we stand alone as far as competent business Insurance agents. Dan and Tom have have been in business for themselves for most of their entire careers,so they understand about managing risks and how important it is to have the right coverage at the right price with the right company.

Life Insurance, Disability, Business continuation – At Frontier Insurance we take great pride in helping customers plan for their entire life, and including taking care of your family in the event of an untimely death. This is nobody’s favorite subject, however we value families at Fronter and want them to be as safe and secure as we can make them. The passing of estates and business’s to your heirs with minimal or no tax consequences should be of utmost importance to all business owners. As a business owner you would want your hard work to be passed on to your heirs with minimal consequences.

List of services provided

  • Commercial Insurance
  • Farm and Ranch Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Financial Services

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Frequently asked questions

  1. Why Frontier? –  At Frontier we do the shopping for you. We run your request through numerous companies to find the one that fits you best.
  2. Am I getting the best deal possible?–  If your current agent only handles one company you are probably getting the best deal that company can offer, however, you may not be getting the best deal available.
  3. What about my business? –  Frontier offers you agents that have actually been in business for themselves so they understand cost-effectiveness and risk management.
  4. What is Risk Management? –  Risk management is the process you use to evaluate all the risks that can affect, then deciding which risks you are willing to accept and which risks you wish to transfer to someone else (Insurance)
  5.  What will happen if I die prematurely? – This can be the most important planning that can be done, but most of the time it is the most neglected. Can your family maintain its current lifestyle? Can your business survive or have adequate funds available to pay the taxes and continue in your absence? These and other questions we can help you ask  and solve.
  6. Can  Frontier handle all of my Insurance needs? –  Almost anything that needs Insurance we can find it for you. Even some of the most difficult needs we can place with a reputable Insurance Company.

Our Offices

Wellington, CO

4012 Cleveland, Suite 4
Wellington, CO  80549
Po Box 27
Office: (970) 372-6882
Fax. (970) 658-2270

Fort Collins, CO

7785 Highland Meadows Pky. Suite 202
Fort Collins, CO 80528
Off. (970) 672-8853
Fax. (970) 658-2270

Grand Junction, CO

1318 Gold Lake Dr,
Loma, CO,  81524

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